Our Students

Feride Nihal Yükçü
 Feride Nihal Yükçü    Business Administration
 Çemberdışı Coach Academy    Founder

I was so anxious to achieve my goals as a busy working life coach while racing against time. It was an important goal for me to get a university degree. While I was thinking "I wish if I had the chance to take a university education without going to a school. A miracle happened. I met Breyer State with a mail. I think I have made it the law of attraction because after 15 min my thought, I was talking on the phone with our school. I got positive information from the administrator and felt confidence than I decide Breyer State can help me to achieve my goals. I did not recognize how time passed until today. I am about to finish my school. I am going to leave this peaceful,friendly and trusty family which have the highest quality of education. That makes me sad but I know I will be always happy and successful with the values that Breyer State added to me.


Mehmet Şahin
 Mehmet Şahin    Business Administration
 Bika Automotive    Manager of Public Relations

As a result of being thrown into life at a very young age, I had to break formal education. Nevertheless, I got the correspondence degree from Anatolian University but this education did not make me satisfy. That’s why I graduated from Breyer State which has expert and friendly staff.(seminerleriyle ekleyemedim) I have full faith that this education put me a lot both seminars and courses. I am very thankful consultant friends which are interested me and welcoming new friends who join us,to this big family.


Hayriye Gönen
 Hayriye Gönen    MBA
 Organik Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.    Chief Executive Assistant

My purpose of registered to the Breyer State, was destroy the misery in my inner world, born of to be given up my educational dreams beacuse of economic difficulties. In spite of my age, I worked both at work and at home also I could spare time form y education. Now, I have modern and satisfying educatio and academic background. I can use an academic style as like in my dreams. I got an excellent education. I thanks to valuable trainers, to manager and to his team. They always encourage to success with warm interest. Good luck to ne students who will be participate in Breyer State.


Emel Yaşar
 Emel Yaşar    MBA
 Türk Telekom Tunceli Provincial Directorate    Manager of Human Resources

Thank you very much. Your stance is the successful of your school. You did what you told me on the day that I registered to the master. You did not dissapointed us. You made our dream come true. High quality education and (gerçekleşen hayaller).. These happened because of you. You will be light to more brains with this class and stance. I was ver pleased. Being with you as like a family was wonderfull. Glad to find a chance to meet you. Thank you Breyer State..


Murat Görkay
 Murat Görkay    Business Administration
 İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality    Consultant

I registered because I thought it would contribute my career and I am really pleased that make such a decision. I would recommend to everyone with all my sincerity. Administrative management of the school,lecturers and staff are very experienced also that much relevant and warm. I would like to present my eternal gratitude. Thanks again fot this opportunity they offer to us.


Erdoğan Güzel
 Erdoğan Güzel    MBA
 Şekerbank INC.    Authorized Person

I was thinking what I could do to improve myself for a long time. I always thought about master. But prepare for the exam or live campus life can not fit the conditons of work life. I met with Breyer State as a result of my research. That is the opportunity I am looking for it; no exams,online class,preparation for each course to improve the quality and most importantly there is a seminar from experts each month(who wants to attend). That is more productive than reading books for 3 months. It improve yourself and your imagination. Do not forget the best investment you can do is self-made investment. This can be not with home,car or so on,but with education,research,new people and new dreams and Breyer has it all.